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About us


Bored with ‘ordinary’ jewellery?

Sproogle has been borne out of our passion for original and unique jewellery.

What we aim to achieve are high quality pieces with no two being the same. We avoid using standard gem mounts, but produce, in conjunction with expert craftsmen in our workshops, pieces that are sympathetic to the gems used with a guarantee to you that it is of the highest quality, and hallmarked.

We choose gemstones for their visual impact and stand-out qualities, and then create a piece of jewellery to show off that stone in the best way. So, each piece comprises a unique stone mounted in a way suiting that particular gem.On the jewellery pages, you will see pieces currently available for sale, together with those already sold. More are being produced and will appear from time to time. But be aware, when one piece is sold, we are unlikely to produce another even remotely similar!

Rings can be sized up to two sizes up or down, except where otherwise stated. Fully bespoke and totally unique items created by our designers and craftsmen are indicated with the logo. These are completely hand-made.

We are not a high volume, mass producer.

View and buy our pieces at :

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   Sproogle   Tel: 01252 377099